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Mat Dryhurst, Reza Negarestani and Jay Springett in Conversation

Benjamin Bratton and Reza Negarestani in Conversation

Nick Srnicek and Reza Negarestani in conversation

The first of IO’s Conversations on AI took place on 24th February.

collab.land: How To

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a guide on how to locate and Unhide your IO NFT.

Impossible Object NFTS: Litepaper

Two weeks ago, we launched our first collection of NFTs and distributed them to crowdfund backers, members of the Telegram group and other friends of the press. The main purpose of the NFTs is to grant access to restricted channels in the Impossible Object Discord server, but they are intended to have various forms of utility in the future too.

IO NFTs: How To

If you backed our crowdfund or have been active in our Telegram group, you’ll be receiving your Impossible Object NFT within the next few days. You’ll need it to access non-public channels in the IO Discord server, and will want to hang onto it for other reasons soon to be revealed 👀.

// ┊ \\ 2022 Roadmap

2021 was an eventful year for Impossible Object, to say the least.