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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a guide on how to locate and Unhide your IO NFT.

Here’s another guide on verifying your NFT in the IO Discord server* using the bot. You’ll want to do this to be assigned the Borromean role and unlock hidden content, including channels dedicated to Conversations on AI. is one of several bots used to control access to Discord servers. You’ll encounter it more or less anywhere you go in web3, but it can be a little tricky to use the first time around (OK, the first few times).

Before you try to verify in the Impossible Object Discord server, make sure you’ve followed all the steps in our previous NFT guide:

Especially make sure to:

  • Add the Polygon network to your Metamask app; and
  • Unhide your NFT on Opensea.
  • Not mentioned in the guide, but make sure you’re logged into your Metamask account (ie you’ve typed your password in if you’re on a web browser and you can see your wallet address(es) in the dropdown menu).

Then follow these steps. By the way, I’m assuming that most people will be using a desktop version of the Metamask app here; if you’re using the mobile app things may be a little different.

  • Once you’ve joined the Impossible Object Discord server, you’ll be able to start verification by clicking on the #collabland-join channel in the top left corner.
  • You’ll see the following message. Click on Let’s go!
  • You’ll see another message. Click Connect Wallet and then Yep.
  • Metamask will open a dropdown menu with the title Connect with Metamask. Make sure the wallet containing your IO NFT is selected and click Next then Connect.
  • Click on the Ethereum Mainnet button at the top of your Metamask wallet and choose Polygon from the dropdown:
  • At this step you’ll see:
  • Click Sign… And that’s it! will detect your NFT and assign you the Borromean role. You’ll know that this has worked because your username will have changed colour and will be listed under the Borromean category in the right hand column. You’ll also be able to see the #ai-chat and 🔊 COAI channels on the left hand side.
  • If that doesn’t happen for whatever reason, drop your ethereum address in the #coai-manual-verification channel on the Discord and we’ll attempt to verify you manually.

Note of caution

Always be vigilant when interacting with on Discord. itself is safe and secure, but scammers often attempt to impersonate it in order to phish NFTs and worse. And they’re getting better and better at passing off their scam accounts as the real thing.

Check that you are interacting with the official bot, which has the username Collab.Land#6372, and if you want to go to their website for extra assistance (their support desk is quick and helpful), click through from their Twitter account (below). Don’t be disconcerted that the url changes to only one click in - this is web3 after all, and no one seems to have considered that that might be worrying.

*Note: if this link has expired, please look for an up-to-date one on our Twitter account.

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