IO NFTs: How To

If you backed our crowdfund or have been active in our Telegram group, you’ll be receiving your Impossible Object NFT within the next few days. You’ll need it to access non-public channels in the IO Discord server, and will want to hang onto it for other reasons soon to be revealed 👀.

If you’re new to NFTs, you may be wondering how to check which of the 4 tokens you received. The easiest way is to inspect the Hidden tab of your Opensea account. Here’s a guide to setting up a Metamask wallet, if you don’t already have one, and logging in to your Opensea account for the first time - and then Unhiding your NFT to make it an official part of your collection.

Setting up a Metamask account

Though it may not be the best app, and tbh it sometimes barely works at all **😞, Metamask **is probably the most widely supported wallet on web3.

I’m assuming that the vast majority of you have a Metamask account already, but in case you don’t, here’s a video on how to set one up:

If you prefer to read your instructions, here’s a written guide:


While you’re setting up Metamask, you may also want to add the Polygon network to the app, since the Impossible Object NFTs live there rather than on Ethereum Mainnet.

You don’t need Polygon to access Opensea, but you will need it to verify your NFT in the Impossible Object Discord server.

Creating an Opensea account

Though it may not be the best NFT marketplace, and tbh it sometimes barely works at all 😉… for now, you’ll only be able to view your Impossible Object NFT on Opensea.

Here’s an article on logging in to Opensea for the first time:

Locating the Hidden tab

Once you’ve initialised your account, click the brightly coloured dot in the top right hand corner and then the Profile option. This will bring up the following screen, with the Hidden tab in the centre:

Your Impossible Object NFT will be in there.

If it’s not, get in touch! Opensea has been playing up over the last week and I am not 100% sure all the transfers happened successfully.

In order to be able to view the NFT in the main Collected tab, click the three dots in the bottom left corner, choose Unhide and sign the transaction when prompted to do so by Metamask.

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